Welcome to Year 2

The Year 2 team

In Year 2 our children achieve their full potential in a nurturing and inspiring environment. With access to high quality learning, each child is provided with challenge and support which will prepare them for the Key Stage Two Curriculum.

Y2.1 Class Teacher
Miss Brown

Y2.2 Class Teacher
Miss Cook

Y2.3 Class Teacher
Mrs Jenkins

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Higgins and Miss Wilding.


Transition for children from Year 1 to Year 2 can be challenging for some children. As part of the transition process we offer opportunities for the children to meet their new teacher, visit their new classes and current Year 2 children will visit Year 1 so pupils can ask them any questions.  By the time children start in Year 2, they are already accustomed to a more formal learning style which includes sitting at specific group tables and completing tasks with a greater level of independence.

At the end of Year 2 many of our children progress on to Walmley Junior School (additional application is necessary). This move to a new school can be daunting so we work with the junior school to ensure that this process is as smooth as possible. As part of this transition, Year 2 have visits from their new teachers, visit the junior school for a morning of lessons taught by their new teacher and also enjoy lunch. Children in Year 2 are also assigned a buddy in Year 3, they write letters to each other and get to spend time together which provides them with an opportunity to ask any further questions they may have. The topic in the final half term of Year 2 is ‘Moving Forward’. This provides the opportunity for children to share feelings and emotions about their move, while considering how exciting a new beginning can be.

Year 2 curriculum

Each half term Year 2 has an exciting new topic to learn about. During each topic the children share what they already know and what they want to learn. Teachers support the children to explore different ideas and learn exciting new facts about different topics. Our topics include What a Wonderful World, Inspirational Individuals, Shiver Me Timbers, Marvellous Makers, Circle of Life and Moving Forward. As a year group we create Subject Knowledge Organsiers about each topic that provide you with further information regarding what Year 2 will be learning and how you can support your child further at home.

Spring 2 Overview

In Year 2, we teach using the National Curriculum so lessons include English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art and Design, Music, PE and Computing.

For further information, please read our Curriculum Policy.

End of Key Stage One Assessments

In a change to previous years, the end of Key Stage One Assessments, also known as SATs, are no longer statutory at the end of Year 2. Therefore, teachers will be completing ongoing assessment throughout the year. This ongoing assessment is shared with you via your Tapestry account.


As a school we use the online learning journal ‘Tapestry’. Using this resource, staff are able to share images, information and assessments with you. In order to access this, you will need login details from our school. Should you need any further information, please contact the school office enquiry@walmleyinfant.org.


Snacks are available for the children each day, this is in the form of fruit such as bananas, apples and one of the children’s favourites, raisins! These snacks are government funded, so available to all children each day free of charge.

Water Bottles

Water bottles need to be sent into school on Monday each week. These are refilled each day with fresh water and then sent home on Friday.


All children have access to two PE sessions each week and, weather depending, often includes one outdoor and one indoor session. Please ensure your child has long hair tied back and earrings removed or taped if ears have been pierced in recent weeks. Please see our uniform guidance for further details on what your child should wear. Specific PE days will be shared with you via your Tapestry account.

Home Learning

This will be sent out on a Friday and needs to be returned on a Tuesday. This takes the form of a CGP workbook and details about which page to complete each week will be sent to you via your Tapestry account. Children in Year 2 also have access to Numbots. This is an online maths tool that supports the quick recall of number facts. Children are asked to use Numbots at least 5 days a week, for only a few minutes on each of these days.  Each child will also receive a book to read at home each week. Each class teacher will inform you which day your child reads in school so please ensure your book is returned on this day. Please take the time to share this book with your child.

Contacting us

Should you wish to contact the Year 2 team regarding learning, then please email us at year2@walmleyinfant.org

Please note: this email is accessed by all Year 2 staff so although your email may not be initially read by the specific member of staff you wish to contact, the email will be passed on to the correct teacher.

Pupil voice

We hope this provided you with lots of information as well as a clearer picture of what to expect when your child is in Year 2.

Here are a few things the year 2 children would like to share with you about being a pupil at our school:

‘I like writing stories because you get to use your imagination.’

‘Playing outside is really fun, I get to play football with my friends.’

‘I like doing Maths, sometimes I get things wrong but that helps me learn.’

I have learned lots in phonics and it has helped me to read my favourite David Walliams books.’

‘I like doing experiments in Science, they are so much fun.’