Physical Education

We are athletes


At Walmley Infant School we want children to have a passion for physical exercise and sport for life.  We believe that Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (P.E.S.S.P.A.) plays an important role in shaping children’s lives.  In our school, we teach children the fundamental movement skills needed to achieve this.  We want them to develop the physical literacy, knowledge and interpersonal skills that can be applied to P.E.S.S.P.A and other aspects of the curriculum.  We believe that “when we move we are stronger” physically, mentally, socially and intellectually. Our intent is for every child to reach their full potential through high-quality teaching that supports and challenges.


We use Real P.E. to deliver exciting and engaging lessons.  Real P.E. is a child centred scheme that focuses on developing the fundamental movement skills needed to enjoy and participate in sport/physical activity for life.  Within its approach, it also teaches the children the behaviours needed to be successful through learning cogs.

The scheme allows everyone to develop skills at their own pace, feel valued, challenged, as well as included.  Children are encouraged to self-assess and The video link below explains this philosophy.

Jasmine's Journey

Children’s learning is assessed throughout the year using formative and summative assessment.    Teachers use the “Assessment for Learning” approach.   Children peer assess, self-assess and demonstrate good practise.  At the end of each unit an indication of the progress that pupils have made is recorded on Tapestry.

If you would like to see what we teach each term, please click here and it will take you to our overview.


We offer a range of after school clubs which are run by Leapfrog Sport, Spark Active and our Sports Apprentice.  Clubs change half termly to enable children to experience new sports and physical activities, develop skills in a specific sport or to follow their passion.  To book your child onto a club, at the end of each half term, you need to log onto to your Gateway account and select clubs.

Clubs we have offered include:

Football, Shooting Stars (girls’ football), Archery, Tag Rugby, Boccia, Boxercise, Dance, Street Dance, Cheer Leading, Golf, Dodge ball, Multi skills, Frisbee, Hockey, Fencing, Volleyball, Ball skills and Tennis.

Special Events

Throughout the year we hold special events linked to sport and physical activity.  We have an annual Sports Day in the summer where parents, carers and grandparents can come along to support their child competing a variety of team games, individual races, and sports.

Each year we participate in National School Sports week.  During this week the children come to school in sports wear so they can enjoy a range of physical and sporting activities.  Some of the activities they have enjoyed have been yoga, archery, dance, and wheelchair basketball.

Spark Active support us by providing a variety of workshops for different year groups.  For example, children have enjoyed workshops about developing playground games plus the importance of health and being physically active.

We like to stay up to date with national and international sporting events and promote these events in school.  Everyone had a great time learning new skills on National Skipping Day and loved taking part in a Guiness World Record attempt.  Our Sports Day is often themed around an international event.

A notice board in the school hall is kept up to date with events that have been held or attended and has the results from competitions we have taken part in.


As part of our membership with Spark Active we provide opportunities for children to compete against children from other schools. These events occur termly or half termly and take place at different sporting facilities in North Birmingham.

Additional Opportunities

Children also have the opportunity to enhance their skills by going to events/ festivals that promote physical activity or focus on developing specific skills.  These are held off site.

Playtime and Lunchtime

Children enjoy using and playing with a range of equipment at playtime and lunchtime.  Monitors are responsible for putting the equipment out and storing it away.  Our sports apprentice organises and encourages a variety of games and competitions during these times. Children are encouraged to be physically active.

Brain Breaks

Throughout the school day children have regular and active brain breaks to enable them to concentrate throughout lessons.


If you would like additional information, click here to read our PESSPA Policy.


If you visit our school you will see children engaging in and enjoying physical activity and sport.  They will be self-assessing, providing feedback and encouraging their peers to make progress.

This is what the children in our school think about Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity:

 “P.E. at Walmley Infant School is fun, challenging, energetic, exciting and makes you confident.”

“I like P.E. because it is a good challenge.”

“I feel excited when it is P.E.”

“It’s good to learn in partners and help each other.”

“My body feels really happy when I can do something.”

“The brain breaks keep me fit and help me get ready for learning.”

“The clubs at Walmley are fun.”

 “I like trying new sports I have never tried before.”

“When it’s playtime we get to learn new games.”

“I like being part of a team.”